Swiss Centurion with live 105mm L7

This is a rare chance to buy a tank, in the USA, with a live firing registered main gun.
This tank comes from my personal collection and has never been used with our business as you can see by the condition.
Tank is being sold as a complete package to include spare parts for the tank, components to fire the main gun, as well as support to ensure you comply with all legal requirements.
This is by far one of the nicest centurions I’ve seen in private hands. Still in its original skin, never re-painted or messed with. Tank starts runs and drives as it should, many updates to make her more reliable such as all silicone cooling system hoses, two new carburetors fitted, new spark plugs and wires etc. Price includes a brand new in the crate Scottish aviation engine, spare transmission, final drive, spare clutch and re built clutch plates with modern friction material, two more carburetors, water pump, starter and more.
Package also includes projectiles, cases and primer assemblies along with proper M30 propellant to sustain firing of the L7 main gun.
Please note, live main gun (destructive device) and M30 propellant are regulated and all local, state, and federal regulations must be complied with before tank will be shipped.

Tony Borglum: 001 507 4610 628

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