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57mm M1 US Anti Tank gun - side shield

Left side shield for a WW2 57mm M1 Anti tank gun. US Version with the "Mannheim" wheel. The armor plate is in a quite good condition with lots of original WW2 paint. Other parts like wheel, handles and hook are a bit corroded. Complete, nothing broken. Quite a rare piece since most of them have soon been thrown away after coming to service. The troops did not like the shields as they turned out to be not very handy and too heavy. So only a few survived. Interesting piece of artillery history. Armor thickness 8mm, overall dimensions about 120 x 120 cm. Total weight about 72kg. Located in Germany near Duesseldorf. More detailes pictures and price upon request, trade offers welcome. Looking for German WW2 Luftwaffe, rocket and vehicle related stuff.

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